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I Kings 19 : 9, ‘ And there he went into a cave and spent the night in that place and behold , the word of the lord came to him and He said to him, “ What are you doing here, Elijah?”

Greetings to all readers in the matchless name of our lord Jesus Christ.

Do you sometimes feel like giving up? Does it seem like the journey is too difficult and that everyone is out to get you? Do you just want to lie down somewhere and hide from your troubles? This is the way Elijah felt. He had done a mighty work for God, but it seemed like he was the only one in the nation of Israel being true to God. Now he was being pursued and hunted, and he just felt like that the fight wasn’t worth all the effort. If you’ve ever felt that way, you can learn from the example of Elijah. Let this Rhema give us the important instruction as to what God would have us do when we feel like quitting.
Earlier, men used caves as their shelter and hiding place from the enemies and climate. They used to stay in the caves for months and years. We can see many people in the Bible who hid themselves in the caves…Most of them were hiding from enemies but when we look from the spiritual point of view, we also go into our own caves, hiding from the troubles, disappointment, frustration and fear. Unfortunately, we forget that simultaneously, we are hiding from the presence of God. Adam and Eve realized that they were naked when they had the fruit which God commanded them not to eat. But instead of admitting their sin before God, they hid themselves behind the trees. They were hiding their nakedness but simultaneously, they were also hiding from the presence of God. We also hide somewhat in this manner. We come to our own conclusion thinking that we have come to the end of our rope and that, we simply have no strength left.
I would like to glean some truths from the life of Elijah who hid himself in the cave with fear and frustration. Elijah was so frustrated that he asked God to let him die. Have you ever felt that way? He stops and shelters under a broom tree… It provides no great amount of shade against the desert sun, but it is the best shade available. He found shade for himself. Remember we are not called to be in the shadow of our own ideas and conclusions, but as Psalms 91:1 says,” We must abide under the shadow of the Almighty”…and the shadow of Almighty will strengthen you….Nothing in this world can give shadow of peace, shelter, hope and everlasting life but you can find all these under the shadow of Almighty…the most high, Jesus Christ….Elijah is utterly at the end of his own courage and his own strength, and dejectedly confesses that in spite of all he had done at Carmel, he was no better than his fathers. Elijah was so despondent that all he felt like doing was sleeping. Many people when faced with difficult situations feel more tired and drained than usual. They just want to sleep, hoping that when they wake up all their troubles will somehow disappear. God cared for Elijah and sent an angel to minister to him. He cooked bread and provided water and woke him up so that he could be strengthened and nourished. But Elijah didn’t want to face another day and so decided to sleep again. But God nourished him with the baked cake and water and told him to ‘Arise and Eat.’

Let us see these in points:
Arise: First, he says, ‘to arise.’ We will never overcome our feelings of frustration and fear unless we are willing to get up and do something about it. The angel told Elijah to arise. God may be telling you to arise – you’ve been hiding for too long. It’s time to get up and face the real world once again.

Eat: Second, the angel asks Elijah ‘to eat.’ Elijah needed physical nourishment. We may not need food, but we may need other forms of nourishment – emotional, mental and spiritual. Whatever we need, God has provided it for us just the same way he provided for Elijah. He told Elijah to be strengthened by the food. God is telling us to be strengthened by spiritual nourishment. This might come from the living message of the Bible, or the love and encouragement of our church family. It could come from our time in prayer and meditation or it could come from being renewed by the Holy Spirit. Whatever your need, God will provide it, and is offering it to you by saying, “arise and eat.”

Begin the Journey: And third, the angel tells Elijah that he must begin the journey. He could not simply stay where he was and do nothing. He must begin the journey which would end into a new calling and a new spiritual encounter with God. God is telling us that we cannot stay where we are, in the shade of discouragement and hopelessness. We must begin the journey out of our depression. We must allow God to strengthen us for the journey, and then by faith, step out. I want to add one saying, ‘You do your best , God will do the rest’ but our problem is that we want to rest and let God do the best….best job, best salary, best car, best ,best and everything best. Are we doing our best to please god, to serve god? John 2:3 “Jesus commanded servants to fill the empty jars” and they did their best by filling the water up to the brim. When they did their best, Jesus did the rest …water changed into wine.
So Elijah made the journey to Mount Horeb. This was most likely the Sinai Mountain where God had given Moses the Ten Commandments. God had sent Elijah here for a purpose. But when he arrived, instead of climbing up the mountain, he decided to hide in a cave. Elijah was in the cave mood. He came to a cave and lodged there. Both his mind and heart had gone into hiding. He was still free from Ahab and Jezebel, but he was a prisoner of himself. He had shut the sunlight out of his mind. When doors are slammed against us, we are prone to draw into ourselves and lock our hearts against others. God does not want us to live unto ourselves. He wants us to get out of the cave and start helping others and being a blessing to them. Perhaps it’s been a long time since you’ve thought of ways you could strengthen and be a help to others. Perhaps it’s been a long time since you got out of your cave. God may be asking you, “What are you doing here?”

Prodigal son left his father and lived a wild life, but when he lost everything he got into his own conclusion and decided to feed swine, thus, limiting himself from the father who was waiting to receive him…The prodigal son was into the cave of confusion about whether his father would deny him…Are you in the same situation? But when he came to himself, he got up and went to his father…He arose out of the cave of sin, failure and confusion.

Cave is the example of our hiding place from the presence of God by making excuses and getting into our own conclusions. But let me encourage by this word CAVE IS NOT OUR HIDING PLACE. Then where is our hiding place? Our hiding place or refuge or shelter is the ROCK (Jesus Christ). Many verses in the bible proves that ‘Rock’ is our hiding place…Jesus is the rock (corner stone) once rejected by the builders but now has become the capstone . Psalms 31:3 says,” God is our hiding place”.

This reminds me a very beautiful song
You are my Hiding place !

Psalms 27:5 says,” In the time of trouble, he shall hide me in his pavilion.” Whoever builds on the rock shall never fall.
Dear beloved, where are you hiding in the times of trouble and in the times when we fall into the temptations of this world? Are you hiding in the cave or on the rock Jesus Christ for a help?

Ask yourselves and get out from the cave because
Jesus is our refuge and strength. We are serving a Limitless God!!

Stay blessed.


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